Maruti Alto 800 Vs Hyundai Eon

Maruti Alto 800 Vs Hyundai Eon Maruti has been the indisputable king of the budget car segment for a very long time, with strong competitors such as Hyundai, Chevrolet,etc. Hyundai Eon, which was launched in response to the Maruti Alto has become one of the closest competitor to the new Alto, the Maruti Alto 800.

As far as looks go the Eon has the upper hand with its fluidic design. Even in power, it beats the Alto 800. However when it comes to, the all important factor of, price the Maruti Alto 800 comes out to be much cheaper than the Eon, with a price that’s less than 2.5lakh for a base model. In mileage too, it is slightly better than the Hyundai Eon.

Hyundai Eon                   Maruti Alto 800
Engine Size 814 796
Price Range Rs 2,74,821 – Rs 3,80,473 (approx)  Rs. 2,40,393- 2,44,000 (approx)
Power 55.2bhp@5500rpm 46.3bhp@6200rpm
Gear box 5 speed 5 speed
Ground Clearance N/A N/A
Mileage 19.2 kmpl 19.87 kmpl
Transmission Manual Manual
Top Speed N/A 140kmph
Variants 5 Petrol + 3 LPG 5 Petrol + 3 CNG

The Verdict: Though the Hyundai Eon is better looking and more powerful than the Alto, the latest Maruti small car, is definitely more economical. There is very little differentiating the Hyundai EON from the Maruti Alto 800. The Alto 800 comes with Maruti’s stamp reliability, while EON is the cute little car with Hyundai’s head-turning ‘Fluidic’ design and technology. We suggest you test drive both cars and also look at some other cars in the segment like the Chevrolet Spark too before making the final decision.

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