Toyota Etios Liva Vs Maruti Swift Vs Nissan Micra

Nissan Micra vs Maruti Swift vs Toyota Etios LivaDiesel cars in plenty of demand, post the petrol fuel hike. If you are on the brink of selling of your petrol car for a diesel car, the below comparison between the most popular hatchbacks will help you make a sound decision. As far as price is concerned, most diesel hatches are in the price band of Rs4L to Rs7L. The average mileage on diesel is between 18 and 21 Kmpl.

It’s a tough fight between Toyota Liva, Nissan Micra & Maruti Swift. Out of the 3, the Micra has a stronger engine in terms of size, but Swift is better when it comes to power. All car models operate on manual transmission mode and have the same price band, though clearly Maruti Swift is almost 30-40K more expensive than the Toyota Etios Liva and Nissan Micra.



Toyota Etios Liva D Maruti Swift VDi Nissan Micra Diesel
Engine Size 1.4L Diesel engine, 68bhp with 4 Cylinder 1.3L 85PS AlTec32 Diesel engine 1.5L, 1461cc, 8 Valve, 4 Cylinder, SOHC, In-Line Diesel Engine
Price Range Rs 4.10 – Rs 6.15L (approx) Rs 4.50 – Rs 6.76L
Rs 4.20 – Rs 6.40L (approx)
Power 68 PS (50kW) @ 3800 rpm 75 PS @ 4000 rpm 64 PS@4000 rpm
Gear box 5 speed 5 speed 5 speed
Ground Clearance N/A N/A N/A
Mileage 22 kmpl 20 kmpl 20.7 kmpl
Transmission Manual (FW) Manual (2WD) Manual
Top Speed 145kmph 158 kmph 140kmph
Variants 5 Petrol + 2 Diesel 4 Petrol + 3 Diesel 4 Petrol + 2 Diesel

The Verdict: While Nissan is a new entrant in the hatchback segment, Toyota and Maruti, both Japanese auto makers, have been in India for fairly long. Maruti Swift’s sales speak for themselves. However, Toyota’s Etios Liva is also fairly popular because of its size and looks. Performance wise, Liva isn’t bad. Like we always say, test drive all the cars on your wish list before making the buying decision.

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