Ford EcoSport vs Maruti XA Alpha

Ford Ecosport Vs Maruti XA AlphaIt’s evident that Indian car enthusiasts are going to have a wide range of choices and varied opinions when it comes to SUVs. And two of the major factors that can sway their decision are the price and the mileage. Ford EcoSport and Maruti XA Alpha are two sports utility vehicles that are expected to have plenty of takers. Not only do the two look very unique and have distinct features like pronounced grills, differently shaped headlamps etc.

While the expected price range for both, the American SUV, and the Japanese SUV is very close, the defining factors would be the engine power, mileage, and engine size. There isn’t much information available about the XA Alpha, though the concept car was showcased at this year’s Delhi Auto Expo.



Ford EcoSport Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha
Engine Size 1.5L Diesel Engine/1L 3 cylinder Eco Boost Petrol 1.3L K-Series Diesel Engine
Price Range Rs. 9,00,000 (approx) Rs. 10,00,000 (approx)
Power 118 BHP N/A
Gear box 5 speed manual transmission/6 speed Powershift automatic transmission with dual clutch 4 x2 /All-Wheel Drive AWD options
Mileage  16 kmpl  10 kmpl
Transmission Manual/Automatic Manual
Top Speed 175kmph N/A

The Verdict: It’s not really a battle among equals. But it’s a battle nevertheless and an outcome that lot of people are looking forward to seeing. For us, these two SUVs are pretty closely matched and the only discerning factors could be individual requirements, and performance.

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