Renault Duster Vs Skoda Yeti

Renault Duster Vs Skod YetiPages and pages have been written about the Renault’s latest offering, Duster. Pitched as India’s first and only ‘real’ SUV, the Renault Duster is selling…fast! Available in 2 diesel and a petrol variant, this vehicle is priced aggressively and ready to kick start a new type of pricing war in the Indian Auto market. With a starting price of approx. Rs. 7Lakh, don’t be surprised if people prefer to choose the Duster instead of a regular sedan like, say, a Honda City or a Hyundai Verna.

If Duster is a proper SUV, why compare it with Skoda Yeti? Despite being a cross-over SUV, the Yeti is more powerful than the Duster, has a bigger engine, and offers a choice of 4 diesel variants! Yes, like its Himalayan namesake, the Skoda Yeti may be more famous due to its absence from the Indian roads, but it is actually quite a spacious & good vehicle. The designing of this mini SUV may not be much to write home about, this much can be said that the German engineering makes driving both, the 4×4 and 4×2 Yeti models a good experience.

Renault Duster Skoda Yeti
Engine Size 1.5L Diesel Turocharge 4 cylinder engine   2.0-liter TDI
Price Range Rs 7,19,000 - Rs 11,29,000  (approx) Rs 13,90,000 – Rs 16,72,995 (approx)
Power 108.4bhp@3900rpm 140 PS@4200 rpm
Gear box Five Speed Manual Transmission Six Speed Manual Transmission
Ground Clearance 205mm 180mm
Mileage 16-19 kmpl 12 – 16 kmpl
Transmission Manual Manual
Top Speed 164kmpl 190kmph
Variants  8 (2 Petrol+6 Diesel) 4 Diesel

The Verdict:

The Renault Duster is a typical off roader. It has a rigid chassis, can be driven on the city roads and the suspension offers a quiet driving experience on the pothole ridden roads. And the pricing, that’s just the cherry on the cake. The Skoda Yeti, on the other hand, is a niche vehicle, meant for a select few who understand its numerous talents, don’t mind its rather European design, and are happy to pay the extra cash to enjoy the same.

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